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Frequently Asked Questions

Please select your question from the list below; If your question is not answered here, please call us on 0845 871 8711.

My company would like buy products directly from you, how do we start?

To be able to start purchasing from us directly you must have an account with us. This is a very easy process and can be completed by contacting us on 0845 871 8711.

Please be advised that there is a eligibility criteria that your company must meet in order to be able to purchase products from us, contact us for further information.

I have an account with you but I do not have online access. How can I set up online access?

You will need to contact our customer service team on 0845 871 8711 to be able to gain online access. If you are an employee of the company you wish to set up online access for, please ensure that you have the authorisation to do so.

I do not seem to be able to log into my account!

Not to worry, speak to one of our customer service representatives and we will resolve this for you!

The website doesn’t seem to be loading correctly on my computer, please help!

Our website is very dynamic and sometimes may not be displayed correctly on your computer. Please ensure that your browser and security settings are set to default and that you’re using an up-to-date browser.

Our website supports all well known browsers but sometimes the settings on your PC can cause it not to be displayed correctly

**We support all builds of Chrome, Firefox and all newer versions of IE7+, Opera, Safari.

If you are still struggling, please call us and ask for someone in our IT department for further assistance.

We have received an order but there is something missing or not right, what shall we do?

The first and most important thing is to let our Customer Service team know. There is always a possibility something has gone wrong somewhere and our customer service team will try their best to resolve it for you.

In the event that our customer service team requests for products to be returned (and have provided a returns number), please make sure that returns are sent to our Warehouse Address otherwise your return may not be acknowledged.

I need to return some faulty items, what do I do now?

Please ensure that before returning any products to us that you speak to our Customer Service team to authorise this and obtain a ‘Returns Number’ from them.

Without this number a package could be easily misplaced or hard to identify and due to the volume of products our warehouse turns over daily.

If you have already returned some products without receiving a returns number, please contact our Customer Service department at the earliest convenience.